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Terms and Conditions


In these Terms and Conditions the following expressions have the following meaning:
Centre:                  Parents Paradise
Centre Offices:     Unit C, Greatham Road Industrial Estate, Greatham Road, Bushey, Herts WD23 2NZ
Fees:                     The Centre’s published fees which cover tuition fees only.
Pupil:                     Any child enrolled at Play and Learn.
Head:                     Parents Paradise and/or Head of Education.
Parent:                  The signatory or signatories to the application form.
Centre Rules:        Rules of Play, policies and procedures and Regulations.
Term:                     The Academic Term at Parents Paradise will vary from year to year.


(a) A legally binding Agreement is made upon the registration of the Pupil. For avoidance of any doubt, the contract arising upon registration is made between the Centre and the Parent signing the Pupil’s registration form. Where that form is signed by more than one party, then responsibility of those parties is joint.
(b) In entering into the Agreement the Parent agrees that they and the Pupil will:
i. Be bound by the Centre Rules and by these Terms and Conditions; and
ii. Support the Centre in maintaining its good standards of behaviour and discipline and adhere to the code of conduct.
(c) The rights of the Centre under this Agreement will not be waived even if these Terms and Conditions are not enforced.


(a) When entering the Centre, Pupils and Parents are bound by the Rules of Play which include:
i. Parents/guardians must supervise children at all times.
ii. The Centre staff are there to assist you, not take responsibility for the child.
iii. Children who are unwell must not use the playframes.
iv. Height and age restrictions are in force for the safety of all children, and Centre staff will enforce them.
v. Children must remove their shoes before entering the playframes.
vi. No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are allowed on the playframes.
vii. The Centre does not accept any responsibility for theft or loss of personal items whilst on the premises. Lockers are available upon request at reception.
viii. Customers are not permitted to consume their own food or drink on the premises.
ix. Photography or filming is not allowed in the centre.
x. In the event of an emergency, the Centre staff will evacuate the playframes and classrooms and children will be taken to the rear of the building in line with Company procedures.
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(b) Pupils are permitted to play at the Centre for a maximum of one hour only free of charge. This can be either one hour before or one hour following the lesson. Please note that the play centre will close at 6:30pm and therefore all free play will have to conclude by that time. No other concessions apply.
As the centre closes to the public at 6:30pm, the play frames will be closed and unsupervised and therefore any parents who allow their children to play in the centre do so at their own risk and must retain full responsibility for them.
(c) Parents/guardians must remain in the Centre whilst Pupils attend their lessons unless prior consent by The Head has been given.


(a) Fees payable to the Centre cover the cost of providing the lesson only. Food, drink and play in the Centre are provided free of charge, are done so at the Centre’s discretion and can be withdrawn at any time.
(b) Fees are payable termly in advance by Direct Debit. The due date of your fees will be printed on your invoice. We do not accept cheques.
(c) Your invoice will be divided into two parts, one taken on the first of the month before the end of a term with the second being taken on the beginning of the month at the start of the new term.
(d) If payment is not received by the first day of the Term, the Centre will suspend its provision of services. However, this does not release you from your contractual obligations.
(e) No reduction will be made from the Fees where teaching is reduced because of exclusion, in accordance with clause 9, or matters outside the control of the Centre. If the Centre has to close temporarily due to emergency, the Centre Term will not be extended.
(f) The Centre reserves the right to increase Fees annually.


(a) No refund of Centre Fees shall be due in the event of non-attendance by a Pupil. Lessons will not be repeated. However, the resources used in that lesson will be made available (where possible) to the student upon request.
(b) If the Centre fails to provide a lesson due to teacher absence, every effort will be made to provide a substitute lesson at another time within the academic year or a refund may be offered where this is not possible.
(c) In the case of severe weather, lessons will continue unless Parents are contacted directly by the Centre to cancel. In this eventuality, an alternative lesson will be arranged or the lesson will be refunded.


The Parent authorises the Head and his staff while in loco Parentis to take or authorise in good faith all decisions affecting the welfare of a student. Parents consent to such physical contact with a Pupil as may be lawful, appropriate and proper for teaching and to provide comfort to a student in distress or to maintain safety and good order.


(a) Before the end of term, the Head will write to parents to give them a date to inform The Centre of the parent’s intention to stop the lessons. This date will be exactly 4 weeks before the end of the teaching term.
(b) In exceptional circumstances, The Head may agree to a Pupil leaving at the end of a half-term but only by mutual agreement.
(c) If written notice is not received by the Head by the specified date, a sliding scale of Fees in lieu of notice will be due to the Centre as a debt. For example, if notice is received one week after the deadline date to give notice, then one week’s fees will be due to the Centre. This will progress up to a maximum of 4 weeks’ worth of fees if no notice has been received by the end of the teaching term.
(d) Written notice will only be accepted if received and acknowledged in writing by the Head within 7 days of receipt. The Parent must contact the Centre promptly if no such acknowledgement is received.


(a) The Pupil may be excluded for a fixed period of time and/or permanently excluded for:
i. A breach of Centre Rules and/or code of conduct;
ii. Non-payment of Fees; or
iii. If in the Head’s considered opinion the Parent’s behaviour is unreasonable and is likely to affect adversely the Pupil or other Pupils or staff at the Centre, or to bring the Centre into disrepute.
Such Fixed Period or Permanent Exclusion will be at the discretion of the Head.
(b) In all cases of exclusion, full Fees will remain payable for the Term in which it occurs.
(c) A Pupil who has been withdrawn, excluded, suspended or expelled from the Centre has no right to enter the Centre premises without the prior written permission of the Head.


(a) The Parent must supply all details of the Pupil’s medical history and/or allergies to the Centre and must notify the Centre immediately if there are any changes to the information supplied.
(b) The Parent grants the Head (or the person with responsibility for the Pupil at the relevant time) full authority to give consent to the carrying out of any emergency medical treatment or anesthetic certified by a medical practitioner to be necessary for the Pupil, if the Parent cannot be contacted immediately by the Centre.


(a) The Parent will notify the Head immediately of any parental responsibility agreement or court order relating to the Pupil (e.g. residence, contact, prohibited steps, specific issues or periodical payments) and send the Head a copy of the same. In the absence of any such court order, the Centre will treat each person with parental responsibility as having equal rights to receive relevant information about the Pupil on request (unless in the Head’s discretion it is not in Pupil’s best interests to do so).
(b) In signing any form of consent requested by the Centre, the Parent is responsible for ensuring that all other consents required by law have been obtained.
(c) Parents are responsible for the Pupil’s welfare in the Centre at all times except when the child is in lessons.


In the event of a complaint which the Parent is unable to resolve satisfactorily, the Parent must put the complaint in writing to the Head.


Pupil’s personal property is not covered by the Centre’s insurance when on Centre premises. The Centre accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to Pupil’s personal property on the Centre premises or on Centre visits.


(a) Personal data provided by or relating to Parent or Pupil will be used by the Centre for the purposes of fee billing and collection; maintaining Pupil records; as required in connection with provision of a Pupil’s education; statistical analysis; market research; communications including Centre publications and promotional material; and any other purpose as notified by the Centre to the information commissioner.
(b) A Pupil’s details may be used in our marketing materials including the Pupil’s first name and details of educational achievements. A Pupil’s photo may also be used in our marketing materials. We may also use video footage including your child. If you do not wish your child’s details or photos, or video footage including your child to be used in such a way, then please notify the head when such a proposal is discussed.
(c) All study materials are protected by copyright. Therefore all materials remain the property of the Centre


Pupils and Parents are jointly liable for any damage caused by them to Centre property, any assets and equipment.


The Centre reserves the right to make reasonable changes from time to time to the standard Terms and Conditions, to the size and location of the Centre, to its premises and facilities, to the academic and extra curriculum, the structure and composition of classes, the way the Centre is run, to the length of the Centre’s terms and to any other aspect of the Centre.
Siblings of children attending Play & Learn will be allowed free admission on a play only basis. No other concessions will apply.


The offer and acceptance of a place are made on the basis that any successful Centre needs to develop and that the Centre may make reasonable changes to these Terms and Conditions as they see fit.
Updates to the Terms and Conditions will be published on The Centre’s website.
Parents and the Pupil will inform the Centre promptly of any changes to the details contained in the Application Form.
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